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Guiding History Wide Game

This is a wide game for younger Guides, created by Michelle Omyla, using my Crystal Palace Wide Game as a base. Used here with Michelle's permission.

What is required:

    • Two Leaders, one to be Lord Robert Baden-Powell and one to be Agnes Baden-Powell.
    • Inside and outside areas of meeting hall. (Could be played all inside if necessary.)
    • No more than four Patrols.
    • Four stations with a name and instruction on each:
      • Crystal Palace: Can be anywhere, girls make up song/poem etc.
      • Be Prepared: Can be anywhere, girls collect items from in and around the meeting place.
      • Emergency Rescue: Bucket or larger of water with small doll (eg Barbie) floating in it. Bits and pieces to perform a rescue (in line with size of doll – dowel, twigs, scissors, string etc.)
      • Snack Attack: Safe area to light a fire, with sufficient dry fuel available nearby. Agnes BP to carry matches and be with Patrol when lighting fire. Marshmallows, skewers and bucket of water to put out fire.
      • Knowledge Puzzle: Cards with questions and answers to some Guiding History facts. List of questions is on last page.


      Introductory Game

      We used the Crystal Palace Rally game by Dorothy Crocker to start the wide game.


      The Wide Game

      It is Saturday 4th September 1909. You are a group of girls who have read “Scouting for Boys" and decided to become Scouts. You want to go to the Boy Scouts Rally at the Crystal Palace where Patrols will be inspected by Lieutenant-General Robert Baden-Powell. His sister, Agnes Baden-Powell, is also at the rally to provide assistance if required.

      Follow the instructions at each stop of the journey. Remember, you are Girl Scouts, and you are out to impress Lieutenant-General Baden-Powell, so be on your best behaviour and work as a team.

      There are five activities. Try to do all of them, in any order. Leave the instructions sheets where you find them, and set everything up like it was when you got there, for the next Patrol.

      HINT: Work out how long you can spend at each activity in the time available before you start.

      Ensure that each Patrol member participates fully in every activity.

      Keep an eye on the time – we will be debriefing at 5.15 pm SHARP.

      Patrol Name: ____________________

      Activities completed (BP or Agnes to sign off).

      Crystal Palace


      Be Prepared


      Emergency Rescue


      Snack Attack


      Knowledge Puzzle



      Crystal Palace

      You have arrived at Crystal Palace, and are preparing to join the 11,000 other Scouts in the Rally.

      Prepare a Patrol song or chant to explain to Lieutenant-General Baden-Powell why you should be allowed to be a Scout, and why he should start Scouting for Girls.


      Prepare a Patrol song or chant to show to Lieutenant-General Baden-Powell what Guiding is like today – and to say thank you for starting Guides.


      Be Prepared

      Just like Lieutenant-General Baden-Powell has been training his Boy Scouts to always be prepared for any situation, you too have read “Scouting for Boys” and have learnt to carry an emergency pack with you when you are on an outing.

      In or around the meeting hall, your Patrol needs to choose six things that they think would have been essential in an emergency pack in 1909.

      Then present these to Lieutenant-General Baden-Powell and explain why each is so important.


      Emergency Rescue

      As you are making your way to the Crystal Palace rally, your Patrol comes across a small child caught in the middle of the River Thames.

      Using the materials provided, you must devise a rescue plan for the girl.

      Remember you are standing on the bank and can’t get close enough to touch her with your hands.

      When you have worked out your plan and built what is required, call Agnes Baden-Powell to watch you perform the rescue and provide resuscitation if necessary.

      (Some suggestions: raft, floaties, lasso . . .)


      Snack Attack

      Your Patrol is hungry and the Scout Rally is not yet ready to start. Build a small pyramid fire, no taller than your hand, and then ask Agnes Baden-Powell for some matches.

      If you have to use more than two matches to light the fire, disassemble it and build it again.

      Then cook marshmallows on your fire.

      When you are finished, pour water on it to make sure it is out.


      Knowledge Puzzle

      You have moved forward to the 21st century, and Lieutenant-General Baden-Powell wants to ensure that you know enough about Guiding History to have earned your place as Girl Guides.

      Match each question up with its correct answer. Then ask either Agnes or Robert to come and check your answers.

      Then, list five things that all WAGGGS members have in common.

      1. __________________________________________________
      2. __________________________________________________
      3. __________________________________________________
      4. __________________________________________________
      5. __________________________________________________

      Bonus point if you know what WAGGGS stands for:


      All of the answers are somewhere in the books on the bookshelf. See if you can find them all without asking for help.


      Who started Girl Guides and Boy Scouts?


      Lord Baden-Powell

      What was Lord Baden-Powell's first name?



      What book did BP write for boys?


      Scouting for Boys

      Where did BP take boys on an experimental camp?


      Brownsea Island

      Where did Girl Guides first appear?


      Crystal Palace Rally

      Whom did B-P ask to organize the girls who came to the rally?

      His sister, Agnes Baden-Powell

      Where was the Crystal Palace?



      Whom did Robert Baden-Powell marry?


      Olave Soames

      What did Olave Baden-Powell become in 1930?


      World Chief Guide

      When is Lord Baden-Powell's birthday?


      February 22

      When is Lady Baden-Powell's birthday?


      February 22

      What does the world of Guiding call Feb. 22?


      Thinking Day