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Links to useful resources


ScoutBase UK Games Database

http://www.scoutbase.org.uk/direct/games/index.php?games=section&section=scout Long list of games under various headings. Unfortunately, you have to open each game separately.

The Baden-Powell Family


Olave: http://olavebadenpowell.worldguiding.net Everything Olave.

The above website has disappeared, so Robin Clay, grandson of BP, has put up a 'remindery' website for Olave: http://www.spanglefish.com/olavebadenpowell/index.asp?pageid=531598 and one to his mother Betty Clay: http://www.spanglefish.com/bettyclay/

Websites with lots of different resources

Sandra's Guide Pages

http://www.oocities.com/guides_193b/ This is an archived page.

Lots of ideas from an English Guider. Unfortunately, this website no longer exists because of the Geocities shut down. However, you can still see some of her resources at http://webspace.webring.com/people/xc/colintonguides/sandra/guides.html. I'm hoping that her pages will be restored to Reocities, which is why I have left this link here.

Rikki's Scouting Resources

http://staff.edfac.unimelb.edu.au/~dcr/scouts/leaders.shtml Links to all sorts of goodies

Karen’s Cyber Grrls Get On-Line Tour

http://www.tcsys.com/troop250/resources.html A lot of these links don’t work, but check it out anyway.

The Guide Zone

http://guidezone.e-guiding.com/indexpag.htm A really good collection of all sorts of Guiding topics from Canada.

Best of Guiding UK (BOGUK)

http://www.guidinguk.com/ A really good collection of all sorts of Guiding topics from the United Kingdom.

The Dump


A website that has electronic reproductions of old Scouting resources for dowload, all for free. Here you will find books by Baden-Powell, books about Baden-Powell, books of Scouting skills, books for leaders, books for Scouts of all ages. There are over 230 books available here. It's an absolutely brilliant source for getting back to the basics of Scouting and Guiding. It also uses a Yahoo Groups mailing list to keep subscribers updated when a new book is available (as this site does - see the home page).

Project Gutenberg


Has umpteen books that are out of print. Try search terms such as Scout, Guide, Baden-Powell, Knots. Includes fiction.

US SCouting Service Project

http://usscouts.org/ A wealth of ideas

Bahloo's Bugle

http://usscouts.org/usscouts/bbugle.asp A monthly collection of program helps for Cub Scout leaders (US) - useful for all sorts of activities

Retired Scouter

http://www.retiredscouter.com/index.html Lots of stuff here!

GS Leader Info

https://sites.google.com/site/gsleaderinfo/ Lots of activities. I especially like the Civil Rights for girls on the home page.

http://girlscoutsmoheartland.org/content/forms-and-resources-library All sorts of resources and forms. Includes Patch Programs and Perfectly Effortless Programs.


The problem with blogs is that you have to spend time going through the posts to find what you want. Not all Guiding/Scouting blogs are useful: some of them are merely lists of meetings. However, below are listed some that have useful resources.

http://acanadianguider.blogspot.com/ Has useful resources on a viariety of topics, including images of knots, trail signs etc.

http://www.scoutmastercg.com/ Ideas, information and inspiration for Scout Leaders

http://www.scoutermom.com/ A web resource for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers

https://guideydiary.wordpress.com/ A chatty blog by an Australian Junior Guide (7-10 years) Leader. Lots of good ideas, and links to other useful blogs and websites (including this one!)

http://bluenoseguider.blogspot.com.au A Canadian site with meeting plans. Very useful.

http://girlscoutsofmaine.org/resources/ Several useful resources here from a US Girl Scout Council. Includes a meeting planning template, first four meetings suggestions, and troop planning calendar.

https://girlguideadventures.wordpress.com/ Girl Guide Adventures: Activities and Ideas for Canadian Girl Guide Units. I love the Dragon Eggs!


Meeting Plans

https://girlguideadventures.wordpress.com Meeting outlines on a variety of program ideas.

http://girlguidemeetingplans.blogspot.ca/ Lots of good ideas. Includes equipment lists.


Website templates

Want to set up your own Unit, District or Region website? Check out these links.

Website templates:



Webmaster Toolsite:



UK Guiding Clipart http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Valley/5170/clipart.html

General clipart - free! Includes Halloween http://clipart-for-free.blogspot.com

Wide Games

UK site http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Valley/5170/widegames.html

Outdoor Cooking

WAGGGS-L Cyber Cookbook:

Scouting Web Outdoor Cooking:

Cooking Links, includes dutch oven and backpack cooking:

Netwoods Outdoor Cooking and Recipes: a variety of good stuff

The Virtual Campsite Cookbook:

Dutch oven resources:


http://peachcobbler.org/ Like it says, a website dedicated to peach cobbler


YW Camp Certification - includes lots of pictures and lots of outdoor skills

A comprehensive list of pioneering projects, diagrams and resource books.

http://www.scoutmastercg.com/ Ideas, information and inspiration for Scout Leaders





A fair number of these links no longer work.

http://www.boyscouttrail.com/ Boy Scout Trail: has recipes, games, skits, songs, readings and more

Crafty stuff

How to make a braid using a wheel


http://www.e-patchesandcrests.com Some fantastic designs at good prices. Canadian site.