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What's New


13 September 2018 Added Guiding Uniform History (sorry for not updating recently - lots going on)
5 July 2015 Awarded the Gold Dorothy Crocker Website Award
25 November 2011 Added Tips on the Queen's Guide Award
24 November 2011 Added Knotting Competitions and a new Feet Knotter Champion. Announcing a new Competition.
12 October 2011 Added Codes; Dates in Programming
11 October 2011 Added Copyright and Conditions of Use policy
29 August 2010 Added How to vandal-proof your Guide Hall
19 August 2010 Added my brand new invention for allergy sufferers at camp: scroggic!
13 April 2010 Added Baden-Powell Traditions badge syllabus from Derbyshire, UK, some accolades
10 April 2010

Added BP's Butterfly Guiding History game, Presentation ceremonies, History pages, added a donation button

28 March 2010 Added Be Prepared Kit market activity
27 March 2010

Added a new sub-directory for badge-related resources and moved some files

9 February 2010 Added games Zip Zap Bop Bang and Zombie Tag
8 February 2010 Added Guiding History Wide Game for younger Guides
7 February 2010 Added What the Links of Unity REALLY mean
8 September 2009 Added Crystal Palace Rally wide game
31 July 2009 Added Thoughts on leadership and Sample questions for the P&L and leadership discussion clauses of the Junior BP and BP Awards, a page on poetry in Guiding, some camp recipes, how to throw a lifeline
29 July 2009 Added Graces, How to make a campfire special
10 April 2009
15 March 2009 Added Animal Program
17 February 2009
Added a page of links about Australia, just in time for Thinking Day!
16 February 2009
Added Secret Orders team and leadership game
3 February 2009 Added Quest for the Super Eagle Eggs wide game and Skis
3 November 2008 Added Campfires
16 June 2008

Added International Guiding, Links of Unity, The Four World Centres, Pax Lodge;
revised Tips for assessment camps

29 May 2008 Added Tips for assessment camps ; Miscellaneous camping tips
1 March 2008 Added Links to Guiding in other countries on the internet
1 March 2008 Added Wide Games Training Session (with sample wide game)
1 March 2008 Added Guides’ Owns
18 February 2008 Added Thoughts on teaching camp preparation skills
18 February 2008 Added Sample camp duty rosters for 2-7 patrols
18 February 2008 Added Sample camp programs, including timings
30 January 2008 More Feet activities added
16 December 2007 Added World Guiding poem and Badges Check List
15 December 2007 Added Rubber Chicken Tag and Group Juggling
24 October 2007 Added How did Kalina break her feet?
17 October 2007 Added An ABC of Program Ideas
14 October 2007 Added the World Song
24 September 2007 Added Camp Tenderfoot Night
19 September 2007 Revised Crossing the Amazon (elaborated), added Be Kind to Little People Week
17 September 2007 Added Naturalists and Giants wide game
3 September 2007
27 August 2007
29 July 2007
14 July 2007
Added Feet
10 July 2007
9 July 2007
Website launched