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Create a Challenge badges

Different leaders have different ideas about how much work should go into the Create a Challenge badges. Some people think the badge can be earned by doing one challenge, others suggest a minimum of four to really explore the theme represented by the badge. We have had some long discussions about this at our various Region Conferences in the past few years, and the general consensus seems to be that, if a girl wants to earn a badge with only one challenge, that challenge needs to be a fairly big one. An acceptable alternative is to ask the girls to really stretch themselves, and do four or more smaller challenges.

Of course, all this depends on the abilities of the girl.

For use with my own Guides, I have developed a set of 31 planning sheets for the Create a Challenge badges, one for each badge. They allow girls to brainstorm what they will do for each badge, so that someone can't spring it on you that she did something vaguely related last night, can she have the badge? :-)

When my Guides want to do a badge, they go to a folder in the Guide cupboard in the hall and take a copy of the appropriate sheet, and put it in their own Guide folder. Then they brainstorm ideas, get them approved by their Patrol and the Unit Leader, and away they go!

This also gives the girl a record of what she has done, so that she can remember what challenges each badge on her uniform represents. I have found that many Guides do not remember what they did for their Create a Challenge badges - using these sheets helps with that. So does the space at the bottom of each Create a Challenge badge in Look Wide, but my planning sheets have a bit more room, and can create a bit more structure.

Candles badge

We've also done a Unit badge: Candles. Together we brainstormed everything we think to do with candles, and chose the ones that we most wanted to do. The Unit Leaders issued a Leaders' Challenge that everyone had to complete (it was designed to give everyone some basic match and candle lighting skills), and then we spent an entire term completing a minimum of four of the optional challenges. Everyone learned about match-lighting, candle lighting, everyone made a candle, we held an indoor meeting entirely by candlelight, and a Promise and Junior BP Award Ceremony by candlelight. It was a fun term, and everyone proudly wears their Candles badge.

Here's the planning sheet we came up with.

Animal Tracks badge

One of the leaders in our Region took a slightly different approach with the Animal Tracks badge. She based a camp around the badge, and used a wide game to cover a lot of the challenges she set. Her sheet is A5 size, not A4.

Here is her sheet (courtesy of Karen Boyes).

Feet badge

Feet have so many connections! Here are some thoughts:

  • (my personal favourite) tie a reef knot with your toes
  • hiking
  • pedicures and foot massage
  • toenail painting
  • draw an outline of your naked foot, put all outlines in the middle - people have to decide who belongs to which outline
  • get a guest speaker in from The Athlete's Foot to talk about the importance of correct footwear
  • ask a podiatrist to speak on foot care
  • make slippers - felting, crochet, knitting, sewing - some links to patterns here
  • tracking - in sand, animal tracks, human tracks (see also Animal Tracks badge)
  • Dutch Shoe Game
  • Cinderella's Shoes game
  • Walk a Mile in Another Person's Shoes - this was a program used several years ago to explore disabilities
  • dancing - have a square dance night, a dance concert, a disco, learn ballroom dancing
  • write your name holding a pen with your toes
  • learn how to apply a support bandage to a sprained ankle
  • keep a balloon in the air using only your feet (team exercise)
  • pick up small objects with your toes, and run a relay
  • play soccer
  • play Charades to do with feet e.g. itchy feet, sore feet, happy feet, uncontrollable feet, lazy feet
  • make magic footprints (see page 3 of Program Hints 1)
  • See also the page on How Did Kalina Break Her Feet?, an activity that concentrates on safety issues and immobility

Suggestions from other people

Di Watson

At a camp named ‘Smellie Feet Camp’, in free times we gave the Guides a cutout foot to colour in. In the end we had coloured feet ‘'walking’ all around the walls of the main room. Looked great.

Tantrum Mat

Plain tea towel
Paint the soles of the feet and print the feet near the top.
Write at the top
‘Tantrum Mat’
Under the feet write
1 Stand on the foot prints
2 Jump up and down fast
3 Screaming is optional’

Painting the feet is the best part - it tickles! Messages came back from the camp where we did this that mums said the mats had to be used in the girl’s bedroom with the door shut!

Sharon Hattersley

Julianne Raymond

  • how about writing their name holding the pen with their toes
  • picking up marbles with toes and depositing in a second dish - could be played as a relay

Fire badge

Girls can do all sorts of things for the Create a Challenge Fire badge:

  • visit a fire station and learn about the trucks, the hoses and the job
  • learn how to set and light different kinds of fires
  • cook a three course meal on a wood fire
  • investigate the burning properties of different kinds of wood
  • create and practise a fire emergency plan for the home or Guide meeting place

One of my older girls wanted to do a campfire for this badge. Knowing her abilities (and her penchant for the easy way out), I gave her a set of challenges around a campfire, mostly based on an old camping badge (pre-1997). Here is the challenge she undertook.


Please email me if you have set challenges for Create a Challenge badges, so that I can post them on this page as ideas for other leaders.

For another take on Create a Challenge badge planning, see http://northcoastguides.org/Resources/Badges/resources_badges_admin_structure.htm. Hmm, as of October 2011 this website seems to have disappeared. I have left the link here in case it comes back up.