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It's traditional for Guides and Scouts all over the world to sing grace before meals at camps and events. Here are some favourites.

Native American Thanks
(Spoken, with actions)

The eagle give thanks for the mountains.
  (Stretch arms out like wings, then make a mountain peak)
The fish give thanks for the sea.
  (Hands together like a swimming fish, then make a wave motion)
We give thanks for our blessings,
  (Raise arms in front like you are receiving something from above)
And for what we're about to receive.
  (Lower arms, hands like they are holding something)

(Tune: Roll Out The Barrel)

Give thanks for good friends,
We have a barrel of fun.
Give thanks for good food,
We won't waste one single crumb.

Sing Boom Ta-ra-ra!
Sing out a song of good cheer.
Now's the time for us to give thanks,
The food and friendship's here!


Thank you all for the food that we receive
Singing doo wa ditty ditty dum ditty doo
Thanks to you for bread and butter and the meat
Singing doo wa ditty ditty dum ditty doo
Looks good (echo: looks good)
Tastes fine (echo: tastes fine)
Looks good, tastes fine
And we'll praise you all the time!


More soon.