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Camping Resources

Guides love to camp, and so do I. I've included some resources that I use for planning camps. I plan to put up some more soon.

Please email me if you have particular camping resources you need, or if you have some that you would like to share with others, and I'll put them up here under your name.

Camp Planning Resources

  • Camp Planning Form
  • Camp Program Planner
  • Sample camp programs
  • Sample camp duty rosters
  • Menu Planner
  • Shopping List and Quantities
  • Camping Food Planner

Camp Training Resources

  • Camp Tenderfoot Night
  • Suggested program over three weeks to teach camping skills to new campers
  • How to make a bedding roll

Camp Themes and Programs

  • Bushies
  • Cows
  • Space

Camp Cooking

How to make a Camp Noticeboard


Tips for assessment camps

Miscellaneous Camping Tips