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Codes can be used in all sorts of ways, with all sorts of activities. There are also lots and lots of different codes. In this age of computers, it is relatively easy to find a font that can be used as code, and print out a message. Codes develop thinking, deductive and reasoning skills, can be used as the main activity or an introduction to one, is used widely in wide games, and can keep the players occupied for considerable lengths of time while the leaders organise something else or simply have a well-deserved rest. Here are some code activities I have used successfully. (Coming soon)

Links to interesting codes

Here's a Dragon Writing Code: http://home.mira.net/~tarkarri/northnet/program/february/chinese.html

Sliding Alphabet Code: http://www.netwoods.com/document/rainy.html

Links to fonts that can be used as codes

Wingdings can be used by simply typing out your message and assigning a Wingding font

Nancy Blackett Sempahore Font: http://www.allthingsransome.net/downloads/nbsemaphore.html

Another Semaphore Font: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/bitstream/semaphore/

Morse Code Fonts: http://www.fonts.com/findfonts/searchresults.htm?kid=morse&st=12&osadcampaign=1001&submit=Search

Arabic-looking Font: http://www.1001freefonts.com/arabic-fonts.php

Log Fonts, Wood Fonts, Rope Fonts, Fun Fonts, Lots of Fonts!: http://macscouter.com/fonts/

Braille Font: http://www.simplythebest.net/fonts/fonts/braille.html