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Group Juggling

This is an activity that can be used in all sorts of ways. We typically use it as a warm up game, a time filler, a teamwork activity, and just plain fun. It requires concentration, teamwork and dexterity. It also helps girls with ball throwing and catching skills.

How to play

Players form a circle. The leader of the activity throws a ball to another player, who in turn throws it to someone else. This continues until everyone has received the ball from someone and thrown it to someone else. No-one gets it more than once.

Everyone has to remember who the ball came from, and who they sent it to.

Practise the pattern until everyone is comfortable with it.

When the group is ready (i.e. is in the groove of catching and throwing), the leader introduces a new ball, using the same throwing/catching pattern.

As the group becomes more comfortable with two balls (or even if it is not!), the leader introduces more balls, one at a time. The aim of the game is to have as many balls flying around as there are players. If it is working properly, the players should be able to create a rhythm so that none of the balls get backed up.

Of course, this never happens!

To make this game sillier, here are some variations:

  • Throw in some different sized balls.
  • Use a different method of throwing, e.g. underarm, rolled on the floor, through the legs, whatever, and require each ball to be thrown in the same way it started.
  • Chuck in a rubber chicken.