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Quest for the Super Eagle Eggs

I played this wide game at EAGLE (Every Australian Guide Leader's Event) at Glengarry in 1990. I don't know who wrote the wide game. If you are the author, please contact me so that I may give proper attribution.

The Wide Game

Each patrol received the story, a score sheet, and a map of the area.

Each base had a leader in charge, who explained the base tasks as necessary and marked off the score sheet.

The story

As members of the World Birdwatchers' Society, you have been informed that, somewhere in the vicinity of North Turramurra, Super Eagle eggs have been sighted.

To obtain the clues to the whereabouts of these Super Eggs, you must travel by the prescribed means of transport and accomplish the assigned task at each city. You will need to travel around Australia. Time allowed is, not 80 days, but 100 minutes.

You will start at one city and journey to the next, where you will find your instructions. If you have used equipment for transport, return it to where you started before completing your activity.

There is no set starting point — just complete each leg of the journey and have it marked off.

The route is: Your means of transport is:
Sydney to Canberra Train
Canberra to Melbourne Three legged
Melbourne to Hobart Boat
Hobart to Adelaide

Water skis

Adelaide to Perth Wheelbarrow
Perth to Darwin Plane
Darwin to Brisbane Bush Trek
Brisbane to Sydney Tram

Return to Margaret Radford Hut to claim your clues when you have completed your trip.

Methods of Transport

Everyone is inside a circle of rope large enough to allow you to walk (but not too easily) and attached to all players so that their hands are free.

Bush Trek
One sighted patrol member, the rest are blindfolded and holding a long rope. They must follow the leader's directions to the next base.

Hold hands — one in front for the nose of the plane, three for wings, then in twos like seats in a plane close together. Hold hands across.

Three legged
As normal, except that the entire patrol is joined together. This requires a fair bit of coordination!

Form a line, one behind the other, holding each other at waist level — chuff along.

Line all patrol up inside two poles (gadget wood). Each person holds onto the poles, and everyone runs to the next base.

Water Skis
Place feet in straps and walk. (See images here.)

Sit partner in a wheelbarrow, and push, changing every so often.

For other methods of moving between bases, see here.

Base activities

Because you missed the last boat, you will have to pitch a tent to spend the night in. As it is dark, you will be blindfolded and must follow the directions of your (sighted) leader.

Complete the following quiz to show your knowledge about eagles.

  1. Eagles are members of the _ _ _ _ family and inhabit all regions of the world. Most of the more than 60 species occur in Eurasia and _ _ _ _ _ _. Two species are found in the _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ _. Nine species occour in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ America. There are three species of eagle in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
  2. The eagle was the emblem of the R _ _ _ _ L _ _ _ _ _ s.
  3. Native American mythology includes stories of a super eagle called _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ who caused thunder and lightning.
  4. The _ _ _ _ eagle is the national emblem of the United States of America.
  5. The Western Australian bird emblem is a _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ eagle.
  6. What do eagles use to pull apart their prey?

Build a fire and cook a meal to sustain you on your journey. Time allowed: 10 minutes. (Suggest marshmallows or smores or something equally quick).

To bird watch for approaching eagles properly, you must get all patrol members at least one metre off the ground. Stay there for at least five minutes, and report all sightings. (Remember, all participants were EAGLES, so all participants seen in those five minutes had to be reported.)

Make a nest to contain the eggs you have found and an eagle to sit on them, using natural materials.

Obtain a cup of water, but not from a tap, hose or bucket.

Collect ten natural specimens to feed your eagle chicks when they hatch.

Dress one member of your patrol as an eagle.

End of the wide game

At the end of the game a puzzle was handed out (to tell the participants where to go next):

Across the meadow we must run
To see the eggs glint in the sun
For Pax Brae welcomes all to come.
But take care - BEWARE!
Watch out for danger while having fun.

(You could have an ambush here, or an obstacle course, or a fake snake, or ...)

Score Sheet

Sydney to Canberra
Canberra to Melbourne
Melbourne to Hobart
Hobart to Adelaide
Adelaide to Perth
Perth to Darwin
Darwin to Brisbane
Brisbane to Sydney


Answers to the quiz

  1. Hawk; Africa; USA: Canada; Central; South; Australia
  2. Roman Legions
  3. Thunderbird
  4. Bald
  5. Wedge-tailed eagle
  6. Beaks and talons