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Pinterest is a bookmarking site for images. I don't know about you, but I respond to pictures more than text when browsing for particular subjects. Pinterest is a great way to find activities to use with your Guides.

You can sign up and start your own boards, or you can follow other people's boards.

I have several boards for Guiding activities. You can follow me here: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/

Promise and Law Guiding History
International Guiding Programming Resources
Service Ideas Ceremonies
Outdoors Guides' Owns


Promise and Law: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/girl-guide-promise-and-law/

Guiding History

Agnes Baden-Powell: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/agnes-baden-powell/

Olave Baden-Powell: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/olave-baden-powell/

Robert Baden-Powell: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/robert-baden-powell/

Royalty in Girl Guiding: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/agnes-baden-powell/

Girl Guide History: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/girl-guide-history/ includes Girl Scouts


International Guiding: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/international-guiding/

Uniforms: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/girl-guide-uniforms/


Programming resources

Programming ideas: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/girl-guide-programming-ideas/

Crafts: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/girl-guide-crafts/

Badges: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/girl-guide-badges/ Useful for activity ideas and historical research


Service ideas: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/girl-guide-service-ideas/



Cake ideas for those special occasions: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/girl-guide-cakes/



Campfires: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/campfires/

Camping ideas: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/camping-ideas/

Camping recipes: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/camping-recipes/

Glamping ideas: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/glamping/ Glamping is glamorous camping, an idea that my Senior Guides came up with when they wanted variety after a series of lightweight hikes

Tents: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/how-to-make-a-tent-or-survival-shelter/

Wide Game ideas: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/wide-games/

Knots: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/knots/


Guides' Owns

Thoughts: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/thoughts/

Guides' Owns: https://au.pinterest.com/gaye1040/guides-owns/