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The Hills Region Files

Here are some resources specifically for (now defunct) The Hills Region. Since we don't have a Region website, I have permission to include these on mine.

Program Hints complied by Sandra Davis, our Region Program Adviser

Program Hints 1 ( February 2007) - Kim's Games, Weather, Communication, Feet, Animals

Program Hints 2 (June 2007) - Names, Five minute activities, WAGGGS Dominoes, Scrapbooking

Region Conferences

Region Conference 2003
Program and activity on Leader's Journal modules F9, M7, N4, O11, P8, T5

Region Conference 2004
Program, session notes and leadership booklet from the Region Conference in 2004

Region Conference 2005 (REGAL)
Program. Theme of REGAL - "To serve the Queen and my country" - set of age-appropriate activities

Region Conference 2006 (REGAL '06 Skills)
Program, Wide Game bases, posters from sessions on programming and the badge system

Region Workshops

F9 Fundamental Principles of Guiding, 2004