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Gaye’s Guiding Resources

Not everything that is on this site is listed below: some items are hidden within others. Please use the Site Map in conjunction with this page to find specific items.
This is an expanding list. Email me to add more!
Resources for Girls
A workbook specifically designed for girls working towards the Junior BP Award. Voted very helpful by girls and parents.
A workbook designed for girls working towards the BP Award. Voted very helpful by girls.
Blank planning sheets for each of the Create a Challenge Badges.
A sheet of challenges around the Animal Tracks Create a Challenge badge. Courtesy of Karen Boyes.
A sheet of activities my Guides created for the Create a Challenge Candles badge.
Some challenge ideas for the Create a Challenge Fire badge.
Create a Challenge Badge - Feet
Some challenge ideas for the Create a Challenge Feet badge.
This is a list of the badges in Look Wide that one of my Patrol Leaders made up for her own use. Used her with her permission.
Resources for Leaders

Gaye's Filing System

How do you file all your Guiding papers - or any other kind of papers, for that matter? Download this pdf for a suggested system that works brilliantly (and anyone can do it - even kids!).

Unit Diary

Every page you would want for your Unit records for a year. Includes methods of programme planning, weekly programme pages, agenda pages for PL Council, Camp Planning pages ... Check it out!

Badge Monitor sheets
This is a series of spreadsheets I have developed for use in my own Unit to make it easier to tick off clauses in various badges and awards. Includes monitors for progress towards the Junior BP and BP Awards, Explore a Challenge and Achieve a Challenge badges, and the NSW Rainbow Skills and Action badges.
Resources for Region Training Advisers
I have been a Region Training Adviser for the past four years. During that time I have developed some forms to make the job a bit easier and more organised. Feel free to modify as required.

Further Development Modules Spreadsheet

Created for Region Training Advisers who want to keep track of who has completed what modules.

Further Development Modules Record (simple)

This is for Region Training Advisers who want to keep track of who has completed what modules, but who do not have Excel on their computers. This is a Word file, and can be used as either a manual (paper) system or an electronic one. Use this if you want to record only who has what module and when it was completed.

Further Development Modules Record (full)

This is for Region Training Advisers who want to keep track of who has completed what modules, but who do not have Excel on their computers. This is a Word file, and can be used as either a manual (paper) system or an electronic one. Use this if you want to record who has what module, and track the progress of the paperwork.

Guiding Partner form

This is the form I use to give to Leaders when I have assigned them a Guiding Partner, and to Guiding Partners giving them all the details.

Program and games from a workshop we did in 2004 on F9 Explore the fundamental principles of Guiding.
Resources from Region Conferences
The resources in this section are not meant to blow my own horn. They are provided here as an example of what one Region has done to keep its leaders informed and up to date. Perhaps they will be useful for new Region Training Advisers for ideas for their own Region Conferences.
This is the first Region Conference I organised. It has sessions based around the Further Development Modules of the Australian Adult Leadership Program.
Contains the program, some of the session plans, and the wide game bases. Includes a session and booklet on leadership.
Program. Theme of REGAL - "To serve the Queen and my country" - set of age-appropriate activities.
Program, Wide Game bases, posters from sessions on programming and the badge system.
Camping Resources
An ebook that I have resale rights to.

Camp Planning Resources

Includes a checklist for the Leader in Charge of a Unit camp to make sure everything has been planned and nothing is forgotten; a menu planner, a program planner, a shopping quantities form, suggested duty rosters and more.

How to make an easy camp noticeboard that can be used again and again. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor camps.
Some programs for unit meetings to prepare girls for camp. Includes how to make a bedding roll.
A collection of camp themes, including programs, timings, menus and activities.
Useful tips from an experienced camping assessor.
Various ideas that we have used that don't seem to belong anywhere else.
How to run a campfire, campfire items and songs.
Camp cooking recipes, solar cooking.
A set of activities we used to start the 2006 year
A set of challenges we used to start the 2007 year
A set of 14 challenges for individuals. The idea is to complete as many as possible in 100 minutes.
Theme Activities

Easter Activities

This is an ebook in pdf format with recipes, crafts and activities for Easter.

Wide Games
Wide Games are rarely created in a vacuum. Elements from lots of sources go into them, and identifying each source of each element is impossible. All I can say is that these wide games have been adapted to suit local conditions using a variety of sources, including original elements of my own creation.
This is a session I ran at a Region conference. It gives ideas on what a wide game is, how to make one, and a sample wide game on Dinosaurs.
A wide game that takes most of the day at camp, designed for a District Camp, therefore suitable for all ages.
A wide game based on traditional Guiding skills, but set on the day of the Crystal Palace Rally in 1909.
I'm not sure where I got the idea from for this wide game - possibly from a training, but I adapted it for local conditions and added some bits. We've played this many times, and each time it's a lot of fun. Helps if you have a cliff handy.
A short wide game, used as an example for a training session.
A wide game for leaders I designed to introduce new skills or reinforce or develop existing ones.
A wide game for Unit meetings, based on the Crystal Palace Wide Game, but aimed at younger Guides. Written by Michelle Omyla.
A mostly observation wide game, with cantankerous giants thrown in!
A wide game planned for the 2003 Guides' Big Day Out at Tara with 29 bases. Written by Gaye Wilson and Karen Boyes.
An mostly indoor wide game for a wintry night. Includes chocolate!
A wide game using different methods of moving between bases.
A page showing one method of moving between bases.
A wide game we played over a three-day camp.
Traditional Guiding skills and ways of introducing them.
A fun way to get the girls engrossed in knotting.
Teamwork and Initiative
A teamwork game played inside. Could easily be adapted to outdoors.
A cooperative game.
A teamwork game that requires planning, thinking and evaluating.
Information on the symbols and philosophy that link all Guiding and Scouting associations worldwide.
A personal essay on what the Links of Unity REALLY mean.
The words of the World Song, plus a bit of history.
Links to information about Guiding in countries other than Australia.
Links to some interesting sites about Australia.
Meeting Programs
Animals Program
A two-hour meeting about animals, by two 10-year-old Guides.
Program Ideas
This section has activities that can be done in the normal Unit program that don't fit neatly elsewhere in the categories used on this site. I hope you find them interesting.
An expanding list of program ideas listed under the letters of the alphabet. Email me to add more!
An activity I devised when I had two broken feet that includes skits, first aid, local suppliers and other ways to help someone who is suddenly immobile.
Dates to use in programming Ideas for programming based on what happened on particular dates in history
Fun Games
A game that involves teamwork and dexterity.
A silly game to play with a rubber chicken.
A game that involves teamwork, leadership and heaps of fun.
A silly game for quick thinking.
A different kind of tag game.
Guiding History
A speech given by Robin Clay about his grandmother.
Some links to Guiding and Scouting history on the Web.
A game to teach people ten years and older some interesting Guiding history.
Uniform history Resources on Guiding uniform and badges history.
Baden-Powell Traditions
A badge on traditions from a Rainbow Unit in Derbyshire UK
District resources
Vandal-proofing How to vandal-proof your Guide Hall
This is a poem that one of my Patrol Leaders wrote for the BP Award. I think it's lovely!
Poetry in Guiding
Thoughts on the use of poetry in the Guide program.
A page on what a Guides' Own is, how to plan one, and links to some sample ones.
Pinterest A page that lists my Guiding-related Pinterest boards. Here you will bookmarks for find all sorts of activities and Guiding information to make your program exciting. Feel free to send me your Pinterest boards too!


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