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Tips on the Queen's Guide Award

These tips came from Turrumburra, the Senior Guide and Junior Leader Event at Glengarry in June 2011.
I give them to every girl who wants to start the Queen's Guide Award, at the time she starts.

1. QG Box

  • Set up a system where you keep everything to do with the Queen’s Guide in the one place.
  • Suggestion: Buy a large plastic container with a lid. Label it “Queen’s Guide Materials” and your name. Label both the box and the lid.
  • Put EVERYTHING in this box, including:
  • A folder with copies of all the forms, the Guide to the Queen’s Guide booklet, any correspondence
  • All your completed work, things you’ve made etc
  • Photographs, certificates, logbooks etc
  • Make one folder for each section of the syllabus, i.e. one for your Focus, one for your Interest, one for each of the sections of the Gold Endeavour
  • This box must be sacred – no-one should be allowed to use it, move it or lose it.

2. Reports

  • Write a report before you start each challenge, and after you finish the challenge.
  • The before-report should include things such as why you have chosen this challenge, why it will be a challenge for you, what you expect to get out of it, what difficulties you expect to meet, ideas on how you will overcome those difficulties etc. This will also help you plan your challenge. Why not include a Planning Sheet?
  • The after-report should include an evaluation of how it went, how it was a challenge for you, what could be better, would you do it again and if so what would you change, and if not, why not, etc.
  • These reports go in the appropriate section folder.
  • When writing your reports, put all your relevant details in the footer of your documents: your name, Unit name, membership number.
  • Take lots of photos and include them in your reports.

3. Timing

  • Do the Queen’s Guide between Years 9 and 11, so that you have plenty of time to devote to the HSC.
  • Do one Focus at a time. Finish the Queen’s Guide and then do other Focusses if you want to. If you are a Junior Leader and are not doing the Leadership Focus for the Queen’s Guide, you can still do the Leadership Focus while working on the Queen’s Guide.
  • Attend the required Leadership and Personal Development workshop as soon as you can. Don’t wait until the last year of your candidature – sometimes they get cancelled due to lack of numbers, and then you are out of luck.
  • Send your Queen’s Guide box to Guide House at least six (6) weeks before your 18th birthday, in case there are any queries. The award is decided by a committee of leaders who are experienced with both the Senior Guide age group and the Queen’s Guide. If they are not certain that you have challenged yourself and really done a good job, they will query.

4. Finishing

  • Send two letters of recommendation on Unit letterhead with your materials. One letter should be from the Unit in Council signed by the Unit Chairperson (or Secretary if the candidate is the Unit Chairperson) and the other from the Unit Leader, both emphasising that you have challenged yourself throughout the process, and adding any other relevant details or accolades.