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Award Presentation Ceremonies

I like to do big ceremonies when my Guides finish a big award, and the girls like it too. The 10-14 year age group tends to like this sort of thing probably better than the younger and older age groups. The young girls find it hard not to fidget, the older ones think they are a bit too old for a fuss, but the Guide age group really appreciates the public recognition, especially if more than one girl is receiving an award at the same time.

My girls also like to be reminded of everything they did for their awards - some take so long to complete that the girls lose sight of their achievements with everything else they do in Guides.

And I figure someone has to make a fuss of them. Parents and family members do not always realise what goes into a peak achievement award, so if there is a big fuss made of them at a ceremony to which family and friends are invited, they find out what their daughters/siblings/friends have achieved.

The basic ceremony I use

With this in mind, I have come up with a basic ceremony that I've used for over 30 years. The details change, but the general idea is pretty much the same.

The general idea is that the girl will re-trace her steps of her journey to completion of the award. She does this physically, by following a path on the floor within a Horseshoe formation. The other girls are involved in the ceremony by reading out each clause the girl did, and then placing the relevant marker on the floor. The girl then steps up to the marker while the next girl reads out the next clause. When all the clauses have been read out, the girl is at the top of the Horseshoe in front of the leader who will present her with the award.


Over the years we have used many different types of markers:

  • pictures of the badges themselves (this was in the pre-1997 award system where girls had to earn a set number of proficiency or interest badges in order to complete a peak achievement award)
  • footprints
  • stars
  • fireworks
  • Guide trefoils
  • something meaningful for the girl, e.g. frangipanis (that one was a challenge for me!)
  • something relevant to the season, e.g. Santa Clause and Christmas images (this was for an eight year old)

Examples of Ceremonies I've used

If there is sufficient interest in this page, I will post some examples of specific ceremonies: Junior BP Award, BP Award, Rainbow Skills.

Please email me if you are interested.