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Ideas to make campfires special

I was horrified once when a Guide from another Unit told me that campfires are boring and she hated them.

Campfires are a worldwide Guiding and Scouting camping tradition. Think of all the millions of campfires that have been held throughout the world in the last 100 years! But campfires are not just from Guiding/Scouting. For millions of years, people have been gathering at night around a fire, and telling stories, singing songs, playing games and performing.

Let's keep this tradition going, and make every campfire special. Here are some ideas to do that.

Pixie Dust

Give each camper a handful of ‘pixie dust’ and at an appropriate time of the campfire program, probably near the end as the programme is winding down, ask each person to say her favourite thing about camp. As she does so, she throws her pixie dust on the fire and it magically makes the flames grow larger. The girls are always amazed by the display (pixie dust is just coffee creamer with some added sprinkles and coloured sugar).

Have a special opening

Don't just start singing. Make sure everyone is comfortable and paying attention, and start the program with a bang, or a special verse, or an Olympic torch, or ...


Please email me of ways you have made your campfires special.