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Miscellaneous Camping Tips

This page is for those little things that don't seem to fit anywhere in particular. Email me if you have some you would like to add to this page.

Getting washing up done quickly

At our Unit camp a month ago, the girls (most of whom were at their first canvas camp) were not working together as well or as fast as we wanted them to. It was dark, and we needed to get the washing up done quickly so we could get on to the next activity.

So I explained all that, and asked how long people thought it would take to do the washing up. I took various bids from the patrols, each one lower than the previous bid. I think the final bid was four minutes and 50 seconds.

So then each patrol had to try to beat the bid.

I gave them a few minutes to figure out who was going to do what: stacking plates, washing up, drying up, putting things away. Then I looked at my watch, noted the time, and shouted GO!

The results were amazing. Everyone went into overdrive, we had girls and leaders running from the washing up tables to mess bags and patrol boxes, and laughter and yelling and HEAPS of fun!

We didn't beat the time set, but we sure had fun doing it. The whole activity gave the girls a reason to work fast and together and made the chore of washing up so much more fun. They wanted to do it for every meal after that!

We are going to make this a method we use at every camp. I would think once a camp would be enough.