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How to make a simple camp noticeboard

Camp noticeboards are easy to make if you have basic sewing skills (i.e. if you can sew in a straight line).

Take one piece of plain material, cotton or polyester/cotton blend is fine. Cut it to 54 cm by 85 cm.

Sew up each long side to create a seam of about 1 cm wide.

Fold over the top to create a pocket of about 2 cm, so that you can insert a piece of wooden dowelling into the pocket. Do the same at the bottom.

Insert a piece of dowelling into the top and bottom pockets. Attach a long piece of gadget cord to the top rod. This will be used to hang up the noticeboard on a convenient tree or pole. If you will be using the noticeboard at an outdoor camp, make the cord long enough to reach the bottom rod with some to spare. This can then be tied around the top rod, the bottom rod, and around a tree or a pole to keep the noticeboard from flying up in a wind.

Your noticeboard is now ready for use.

If you are using the noticeboard at an indoor camp, simply pin it to the wall.

If you are using the noticeboard at an outdoor camp, tape the pictures and notices on it with double-sided sticky tape, then cover it with heavy duty plastic so that the notices don't fly off, or get wet.

I have kept every noticeboard for every camp I have run (that's a lot of camps over a 30 year period!). After camp, I take the pictures and notices off the noticeboard, and stick them onto a large piece of blue cardboard (the noticeboard is blue). Then I cover the cardboard with contact plastic, and voila, I have a permanent record of the camp noticeboard, with information about the camp: who attended it, the program, menu, timings, duty roster and pictures to help me remember the good times. If I am in a hurry for the next camp, I can pull out previous noticeboards and create a camp very quickly, using what has worked before. In fact, I can plan and prepare for a camp on the day we go to camp, if I have to, because I keep good records and I have a camp planning system. With the advent of the computer, keeping records of previous camps is a breeze.