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Space Camp

This was a three day camp held over an ANZAC Day long weekend. The camp took the form of a three day wide game, with a theme related story running the entire time. We had a ball!


Friday Night

6.00 pm Arrive
  Set up tents
  Give out Camp Wide Game scenario and Planetary Virus cards
  Fire drill
  Name tags


7.00 am

Get up – find body parts while leaders prepare breakfast
  Clean up/bedding rolls/clean toilets/other duties
8.30 am Horseshoe
9.00 am Plunder the ruins on the top of the hill (Guide Shop)
10.00 am Ration packs and discombobulation potion (morning tea)
  Claim the Planet As Your Own
  flag making
  war cry
12 noon Lunch
2.00 pm Communication attempts (wide game, including preparing dinner, rockets, balloons, space shuttle, alien drawing)
3.30 pm Vitamin Pills and discombobulation potion (afternoon tea)
4.30 pm Ablutions
  Prepare dinner
7.30 pm Peace Conference (camp fire)
  Star gazing
9.30 pm Supper
10.00 pm Retire for the night


5.30 am Ceremony For the Fallen/Colours (half mast)
  Do Space Exercises
  Clean up/bedding rolls/clean toilets/other duties
  Prepare for exploration party
9.00 am Explore the Planet (microparks)
10.00 am Vitamin pills and discombobulation potion
12 noon Raise flags to top of flagpoles
2.00 pm Glacier Threat (ice blocking)
4.00 pm Ablutions
  Prepare dinner
7.30 pm Evening Meditation (Guides’ Own)
  Power Source Acquisition (night game with torches)
9.00 pm Retire


  Get up
10.00 am Horseshoe
  Space Debris and Transport Methods (make rockets, comets, space shuttle, solar necklace?)
12 noon Sustenance
  Prepare for takeoff (strike camp)
3.00 pm Blast Off

Some notes

This program shows a couple of things:

Timings These depend on how experienced the campers are, the weather conditions, and how long it takes for your particular campers to do things.
Activities The program above is taken directly from our noticeboard. The terminology was based on the theme of space exploration, hence activities such as Blast Off, Space Debris and Power Source Acquisition. I find these sorts of related words are much more appealing than "activity", so I try to come up with imaginative terms to describe what we will be doing.
Wide Game This is an example of a wide game that is woven through the entire camp. The basic activities we did for this wide game are here.

Details of the activities will be added when I get a chance.