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April Dates to use in programming

Here are some dates that might be useful when planning your April program. Go here for other months.

I have endeavoured to include an interesting link to each event for further exploration. If you know of any other outstanding links, or have other interesting events that you have used for programming, please email me.


April 2nd
Birth of Hans Christian Anderson (Danish storyteller)

Play a wide game using a fairy story as its base

Learn about Danish Guiding and Scouting

April 7th
Formation of the World Health Organization
Learn about WHO, and participate in a health-related service project
April 19th
Postmarks were introduced in Britain

Visit a Post Office - have a guided tour

Bring in someone's stamp collection, and discuss what can be learned about a country's culture and history through philately

April 12th
Yuri Gagarin (Russian cosmonaut) first man in space

Play a wide game about space

Learn to tell direction by the stars

Visit an observatory and learn about the universe