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Zip Zap Bop Bang!

This is a fun game that works best with ten or more players. It can be used as a time filler, or just for fun.

Players stand in a circle. The object of the game is to be the last person standing.

There are four actions the players can take, all used with hands in a pistol position.

Zip - the player points to the player immediately to the right or left and says 'Zip!'. That player then points at any other player according to the rules below.

Zap - the player points to any other player, other than those next to her and says 'Zap!'

Bop - the player bobs down out of the line of fire and says 'Bop!'

Bang - The two players adjacent to the player who has bopped must shoot each other, saying 'Bang!' The group decides who is the slower one, and she sits on the floor in her place.

When there are only two players left, they have a shootout. They stand back to back, and pace slowly forward as if in a duel, listening to someone telling a story. The story must have the word 'bang' in it somewhere (canny story tellers use similar sounding words like 'fang', 'tang' or 'sang'). As soon as the duellers hear the word 'bang', they turn around and shoot the other person. Whoever is fastest at the proper time wins the game.

Players who match the wrong action with the words are out and have to sit down.

The game gets to be really fast and furious, with seated players making the shooting field hard to discern if the players are not paying attention. My girls love this game!