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Guiding Uniform History



Uniforms change over time to reflect social trends and availability of materials. This is a rich area for research, and my good friend, Elizabeth Elwell-Cook, has spent several years studying Australian and UK Guiding history archives and working with the New South Wales uniform archive, conserving the collection and creating resources for both learning about and contributing to the history of the Australian Guide uniform, including badges. Below are some resources she has kindly allowed me to add to this website, so that they can be of benefit to a wide range of people.

Archival Care of Textiles and Other Objects

This is a downloadable pdf from Elizabeth Elwell-Cook (Bess) about how to look after, not only textiles, but metal badges, buckles, leather and flags too. Download it here.

Dating Australian Girl Guide and Brownie Promise Badges

This is another downloadable pdf from Bess that lists the changes in Guide and Brownie Promise badges 1908-2008. Contact Bess if you have any variations (email in the pdf). Download it here.

Fleur-de-lis and Trefoil

A paper from Bess Elwell-Cook about art influences on the symbols of the Scout and Guide Movements. Download it here.