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Poetry in Guiding

Writing poems is part of the Australian Peak Achievement Awards. If you ask your girls to write poems, skits or thoughts about Guiding, you achieve several things:

  • giving the girls the opportunity to explore their creativity
  • PR possibilities
  • tells you what are the most popular Guiding activities, or the ones that have had the most impact on the girls
  • tells you what the girls are learning through Guiding
  • can be used in Guides' Owns, reflections, campfires and ceremonies

You can include writing poetry in all sorts of activities: wide games, team activities, outings. Ask for different types of poetry: haiku, limericks, blank verse. Include poems in wide game instructions.

Here is a selection of poems written by my girls over the years. Why don't you incorporate writing poems, plays, skits or reflections in your program? If you'd like to show the world what your girls have produced, email me and I'll post them on this page (get the girl's permission first).

Here is a poem that was written by one of my Patrol Leaders for the BP Award. I thought it was lovely, so I got permission from her to post it on this website.