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Be Kind to Little People Week

This is an outdoor (or indoor) activity that I got from a training many many years ago. I have played it with several generations of Guides, all of whom have loved it. I find that it can take an entire morning at camp to do this one, and sometimes I have to pull the plug quite firmly because the girls are having such a good time with it that they don't want to stop.

The purpose of this activity is to reinforce knotting.



A family of Little People has been stranded and is in danger of being eaten by a domestic cat. Stalk the cat, and rescue the family.

Set up

Either provide the little people already made out of pipe cleaners: father, mother, baby and dog, or get the players to make them out of pipe cleaners you provide.

Little People waiting to be rescued


Now that you have rescued the family of Little People you must assist them to get organised. They are at their wits’ end with no home, and there are wild animals around.

1. Make a shelter for them off the ground.

2. Make a rope ladder for them to climb up into their shelter.

3. Put a moat around the shelter to keep out the wild beasties.

4. Build a rope bridge across the moat so that father can go hunting.

5. Make a playpen to keep the baby safe.

6. Make a flagpole and hoist the flag.

7. Make some pancakes for morning tea and invite the Little People and a Leader to join you. Don’t forget to introduce your guests.


Make sure you use the correct knots for everything you make for the Little People.

Here are some we prepared earlier:

bedrolls dog tied up, rope bridge shelter