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Poisonous Spider's Web

This is an activity that develops teamwork, thinking, planning and evaluation. It can be used for all ages, and is often used in corporate training situations as well as with youth.


Make a spider's web of rope and cords, suspended between two trees. The spaces between the ropes should be of varying size, but most of them should be big enough for a person to pass through. It is impossible to give you a list of how many ropes, or what sizes, because that depends entirely on where you will be building it.

How to Play

The players are told that they have come across a poisonous spider's web. If the web is touched, the spider will instantly come to the strand that was touched, and bite whoever is closest. The bite is poisonous.

Your objective is to get every member of your team through the spider's web, without touching it. If anyone touches it, the entire team has to start again. Each hole may be used only once.


After the team is successfully through the web, ask them how they tackled the problem, whether their strategies were successful or not, who was leading the group, who did not cooperate, etc. depending on what areas you want to focus on.


  • The only way to successfully complete this exercise is to plan it out.
  • Who are the smallest members of the team, who will not be able to lift the biggest members?
  • Who will fit through which holes?
  • Who will be left at the end, and will they be able to get through the web without assistance?
  • How can the team work together to solve this problem?

Safety Considerations

  • Be very aware of the risks of this activity. Make sure there is at least one adult actively supervising to ensure the safety of all participants. Be especially aware of how the players support each other physically so that no injuries occur. The supervisor's role is to stop the action if unsafe handling is about to happen!
  • Don't drop anyone!