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Baden-Powell Traditions Badge

Late in 2009 I received the following email from a Rainbow Guider in Derbyshire, UK, Shelley Dyer:


We're a Rainbow unit from Derbyshire fundraising by designing an activity badge for leaders to use in their programme planning. It is joint with the Scout association and can be used across any age group.

The order form is attached to the booklet and we shall we looking at getting badges made up over the Christmas holidays.

Shelley asked me if I would post their badge on this website. I don't normally post fundraising material here, but the badge syllabus is good and I thought my visitors might be interested. Even if you don't support the authors by buying the badges, you'll get some good programming ideas.

The syllabus is suitable for:

Beavers and Rainbows
Cubs and Brownies
Scouts and Guides
Explorers and Senior Section

The badge covers the following general areas:

  • Camping
  • Exploring
  • Community, Culture and Beliefs
  • Traditions
  • International
  • Guiding and Scouting Today

For anyone printing the booklet out to read, it needs to be printed pages 1 and 2 on separate pages then 3 and 4 on the reverse, and folded into an A5 booklet.

Download it here (Word file, 404 kb)