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Naturalists and Giants
Wide Game


You are a band of naturalists, wandering in an unfamiliar country, looking out for unusual plants and animals. Each person must find a spot out of sight of the others and spend time in silence, watching and listening and observing the bush and animals.

To gain a further qualification in the Society of Naturalists, you must choose one of the following and do it:

  1. make a survey of your area of bush and write down the names of every plant you can see;
  2. draw a sketch map of the area, showing plants, trees, evidence of animal life etc.;
  3. list all the sounds you hear;
  4. immerse yourself in your area of bush. Explore the sounds, look at the weather, feel the trees, plants and wind. Smell the plants and earth. Find a smooth tree and put your ear to it. What do you hear? Feel the breeze. Put on paper all the gifts God has given you in this small area of bush. You may use a poem, song, drawing etc. to express what you have discovered.

Whichever choice you make, you must report your findings in an appropriate way back at camp.

Beware! You have heard that there may be giants in the area, so be careful. Arrange a signal amongst your party that will alert the others if you see a giant. The procedure on seeing a giant is to capture it, take it back to camp and imprison it. Be careful - they are very strong. They also like to eat people, and they are very quiet and cunning. If a giant captures one of your expedition, you must stalk it and rescue the person before she is eaten. The only sure way of imprisoning a giant is to surround it with a ring of fire. Each person must light a fire to make the prison effective. If the giant injures one of your party, you must render first aid.


The giants are the adult leaders, and may stalk or create havoc to their hearts' content. We played this when I was much younger and fitter than I am now, and it took ten girls to subdue me - they weren't expecting me to be so strong! And then I refused to cooperate when they tried to get me to walk back to camp, so they had to carry me. It's amazing how heavy one can become when one wants to be!

I wrote this wide game to help the girls with the requirements of a number of badges, Bush Challenge, Observer and Junior First Aid, as they were at the time. Everyone had a lot of fun with it.