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Region Workshop 2004
F9: Explore the Fundamental Principles of Guiding

Who is it for: Qualified Leaders in their first three years

Advertising: Region Calendar, Region Agenda 3 months before the training, Cluster

Comfort: Clean Guide Hall, Tea/Coffee on tap

Appropriate Time: 7:30-9:30 pm

Training Supplies

White board/markers/eraser
Flip board
Bulldog clips
Butcher’s Paper
Game Resources
Reference Material
Blutak/Masking Tape
Attendance book and pen

Training Program





Links of Unity


15–20 mins


History of Guiding

Resources Game

1 hour including debrief

Pauline and Bridget

History Game


5 mins


Social Issues relevant to today’s women


30 mins


Where to Next?


5 mins




5 mins


Links of Unity Game

This was a Concentration game. Laminated cards with pictures of the different Links of Unity and corresponding words were placed upside down on the floor. The first player had to turn two cards face up. If they matched, i.e. if they were the same Link of Unity, they got to keep the cards and had another turn. If they did not match, the next person had a turn. The winner was the person with the highest number of cards at the end of the game.


History Relay Game

Put the participants into two groups, lined up one behind the other. Give each person a number. The game leader stands at the head of the lines, and calls out a question and a number. The people who have that number must run out to the game leader and give her the answer to the question. If she is not sure, she may ask her team.


What happened in 1907?

BP held a camp for boys at Brownsea Island

What date was the Crystal Palace Rally, and what happened there?

1909, a rally of Boy Scouts had some female members, who spoke to BP asking for an organisation for girls

What do the three gold squares on the World Flag signify?

The 3 parts of the Promise

What does the white square on the World Flag signify?


Which hand is used by Guides and Scouts all over the world to shake hands with?

The left

What date is Thinking Day?

22nd February

What do we celebrate on Thinking Day?

The birthdays of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell

What publication contains information about every member country of WAGGGS?

Trefoil Round the World

What does WAGGGS stand for?

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

What year did Lord Baden-Powell die, and where is he buried?

1941, Nyeri, Kenya

What is the name of the oldest World Centre?

Our Chalet

How many World Centres are there?


Name the World Centres

Our Chalet, Our Cabana, Sangam, Pax Lodge

Name the Four World Centres in order of age

Our Chalet, Our Cabana, Sangam, Pax Lodge

Where is Sangam?

Near Pune, India

Where is Our Cabana?

Near Cuernavaca, Mexico

Where is Pax Lodge?

London, England

Where is Our Chalet?

Near Adelboden, Switzerland

What were the youngest girls in Guiding originally called in England, and when was the section formed?

Rosebuds, 1914

What was the name of Lord Baden-Powell’s sister?

Agnes Baden-Powell

What was the role of Agnes Baden-Powell in the early history of Guiding?

She started Guiding after her brother asked her to

How much older than his wife was BP?

32 years

Who was the first President of the Girl Guides?

Agnes Baden-Powell

What was the full maiden name of Lady Baden-Powell?

Olave St Clair Soames

What is the single most common item of uniform all over the Guiding and Scouting world?

Promise badge

What is the second most common item of uniform in Guiding and Scouting?

A scarf


What badge did Lady Baden-Powell wear as her Promise badge?

The World Badge

What does the gold colour of the World Badge signify?

The sun, which is shining all the time over a Guiding country

What does the blue background of the World Flag signify?

The sky

What does the trefoil on the World Badge signify?

The threefold promise

What do the stars on the World Badge signify?

The Promise and the Law

What is common for most Promise badges throughout the world?

A trefoil shape

Why are we called “Guides”?

We were named after the Indian Corps of Guides, who were distinguished for their general handiness and resourcefulness under difficulties, and their keenness and courage. They were trained to take up any duties required of them, and to turn their hands to anything. The word “Guide” had come to mean one who embodies all these desirable qualities, including industry, practical common sense and self reliance.

Which World Centre is situated at Adelboden?

Our Chalet

Who composed the music for the World Song?

Jean Sibelius

Where did Robert and Olave meet?

On a cruise ship

Who were the Tasmanian Girl Peace Scouts?

The first group of girls in Australia who embraced Scouting principles in 1909-10.

What was the Australian League of Girl Aids?

A group of girls affiliated with the Boy Scouts that was formed in NSW around 1910.

When was the official state organisation of Guiding formed in NSW?


Which was the first state to officially organise Guiding in Australia, and what date?

Tasmania, 1911

When was WAGGGS formed?


What was the name of the book that BP wrote for boys, and when and how was it published?

Scouting for Boys, published in six fortnightly parts, 1908

What was the name of the first handbook for Guides, and who wrote it?

How Girls Can Help Build Up the Empire, Agnes Baden-Powell, with Robert Baden-Powell

What was the GIS?

Guide International Service, formed in 1942 to provide relief work during and after World War II in Greece, Malaya, Holland, Germany. Officially closed on 31st December 1952.

Which region spawned The Hills Region, and when?

North West Metropolitan Region, c. 1981 (??)

Who founded the Boy Scouts, when and where?

Robert Baden-Powell, 1908, England

What was BP’s full name?

Lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell of Gilwell

How many siblings did BP have?

Five older brothers, and one younger sister

Name five Links of Unity

World Badge, World Flag, World Song, Founder, Thinking Day, Good Turn, Left Handshake, Threefold Promise, Sign/Salute, World Centres, Promise badge with trefoil