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The Hills Region Conference 2004




9:30 am


9:35 am


9:45 am

Horseshoe & Colours

10:00 am

‘State of the Region’ Address
Includes National Convention report

10:15 am


10:35 am

Multicultural Ambassador

10:50 am

Membership issues

11:15 am

Split Groups
District Leaders


Unit Leaders – leadership training for the girls

12:15 pm

Talk on recent World Centres Trip

12:30 pm


1:00 pm

Round Robin/Wide Game
15 minutes per base


Quilt making




Rope bridges


Compass and map



2:15 pm

Debrief of Round Robin/Wide Game to relate it to leadership and badge system

2:35 pm

Curly Questions

2:50 pm

Region Advisers' Reports

3:00 pm



V formation close

There will be several opportunities for leaders to ask burning questions. Please write your questions on the coloured paper provided and place them in the box provided.

Membership issues Discussed
  • How to ensure membership is paid
  • How to approach mothers when membership has not been paid
  • How to increase membership of youth and adult members
  • How to know when membership has been paid
  • How many weeks can a girl attend before membership must be paid? How can this be enforced?
  • How do we get more girls to come and stay at Guides?
  • How do you deal with people who don't pay membership? (this was also mentioned as a discussion topic for District Leaders)
  • How do we recruit leaders?
  • How do we get parents involved in District events?
Curly Questions Asked
  • How do we convince each other (that is, other leaders) that girls need to progress and that we should not hold onto them just because they are the eldest and the rest of the unit is young, or that they need to train the younger patrol leaders etc?
  • Badge system and how it works (my idea - I am always being asked questions about what is and is not acceptable)
  • How do we get the message across to Leaders that the rules set out in Guidelines and on forms are for their own protection?
  • How do we get the message across that suggestions and requests made by Guiding Partners are not criticisms, but part of their job as a GP?
  • How do we get Leaders or Unit Helpers to leave younger children at home? It can be very frustrating and unfair on the girls in the unit.
  • How can we get parents more involved in the District?