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Resources for Badges and Awards

The Australian Guide Program has a several types of badges and awards, as do all Guiding and Scouting organisations world wide. The pages in this section include resources for programming around the badges and awards in the Australian system, plus some ideas for presentation ceremonies.

As always, if you have a resource you would like to share, please email me.


Achieve a Challenge badges

Create a Challenge badges

Explore a Challenge badges

Peak Achievement Awards

Australian Guiding currently has three Peak Achievement Awards available for girls to work towards (strictly speaking, the Peak Achievement is the Queen's Guide, but the Junior BP and BP are sometimes referred to as Peak Achievements too). Here are some pages to help with these awards.

Junior BP Award

BP Award

Queen's Guide Award

  • Tips on the Queen's Guide
  • Forms I use to help girls plan the Queen's Guide

Keeping Track

Presentation Ceremonies

Rainbow Challenge activities