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Camp Themes and Programs

Many leaders are reluctant or afraid to take their girls camping, because they think it's all too hard to organise. I've heard that people don't have the faintest idea how to plan a camp, even if they have taken camping training.

Camp planning is not hard.

Here are some examples of programs that I have created for my own camps in the past. I hope they will give you some idea of timings and programming possibilities.


Bushies Camp

This camp was based around the Australian bush, using Australiana for the patrol names, food items and program activities. The camp had 45 campers.

Space Camp

A camp over three days and nights, using a Wide Game for the entire camp.

Supernatural Camp

Based on Harry Potter. Includes Quidditch!

Let's Do A Badge Camp

A camp designed to provide opportunities for everyone to earn at least one badge. Based on badges from the 8 Point Program (pre-1997).

Exploration Camp