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F9 Explore the fundamental principles of Guiding

At our Region Conference in 2003, Patrols were asked to choose a module from the Australian Adult Leadership Program and prepare a presentation on some aspects of the module. Here is the Patrol presentation on the day of specific clauses of module F9 Explore the fundamental principles of Guiding. The instructions given to the Patrol are here.

Links of Unity Activity Ideas

  • Magic Carpet to the World Centres - Junior BP girls can run one activity each
  • ‘Fruit Salad’ game using Links of Unity for pair names
  • Fruit Salad game using a story of the Links of Unity
  • Fruit Salad game using a story about the World Centres
  • Newspaper uniforms from around the world
  • Different Promises - Patrols memorise a Promise from another country
  • ‘Snap’ relay - Patrols/players must match cards
  • World Badge - put together (jigsaw)
  • World Song - use the BP challenge to teach this to others
  • World Song - use a tape to teach it (if you can’t sing it yourself!)
  • World Song - learn it while on a hike
  • Good Turn - make a Good Turn Mouse - tie a knot in the tail for each Good Turn performed in a week
  • Good Turn - handprint - write Good Turns performed on the fingers


Ideas for including international activities in the program, not just on Thinking Day

  • Peak Achievement Award clauses
  • Food!
  • Service activities
  • Quick games as reminders