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Region Conference 2003

This was the first Region Conference that I organised, and I had only about three weeks to do it. With the wonderful assistance of the other Region Advisers, the day was pulled off to great plaudits.

Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to find a copy of the program. However, it was something along these lines:

1. Opening

2. Presentation on the four levels Australian Adult Leadership Program: Guiding Awareness, Leadership Development, Leadership Qualification and Appraisals. I used the presentation that the State Training Adviser had used a couple of weeks before at the RTA Conference, and it made the whole program crystal clear and non-threatening.

3. Split the group into two:

  • CPR update by the local Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detachment
  • Camping Health and Hygiene refresher by the Region Outdoor Activities Adviser.

4. Journal Modules activity

5. Money Matters training for those who needed it

6. Thorny Questions session

I don't remember what else was on the program, but the entire day got rave reviews.


Thorny Questions

HOw do you encourage girls to do the Peak Achievement Awards?

  • Show it’s easy
  • Sign off bits
  • Use Look Wide ‘fun’ badges as a stepping stone towards the challenges in Aim High
  • Encourage camp blankets
  • Certificates for special achievements
  • Make a big fuss of the Endeavour badges

What do you do with girls who are bouncing off the walls?

  • Program drama activities
  • Put the disruptive girl in charge of something
  • Use a Wall Thermometer
  • Give the girl some quiet activities to do in a corner by herself
  • Play Simon Says
  • Have a buddy system