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Region Conference 2003
Leader’s Journal Activity

Because there were a lot of Leaders who thought the Further Development Modules in the Leader’s Journal were all a bit hard, an activity was created to give everyone a head start on some of them. Five modules were chosen, and patrols were instructed to prepare presentations that were applicable to each module.

If all six of these modules were done, we would be half-way towards planning the following:

  • an outdoor day for the region
  • a PR/recruitment day for the region
  • a region campfire
  • a leadership training event for the region
Please note: the module clauses detailed below were current as at 17th August 2003. They may have since changed.



Explore the fundamental principles of Guiding


Identify the links of unity shared by all members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts


Identify the links of unity among Girl Guides and Girl Scouts


Identify the main features of the World Flag and explain their symbolism


Identify the main features of the World Badge and explain their symbolism


Identify the words of the World Song and explain their meaning


Locate the four World Centres on a map and explain their characteristics and functions


Encourage girls and/or adults to include activities on world Guiding in their program


Compile resources on world Guiding which could be used in a Unit or District program


Prepare and present an activity suitable for girls or adults that incorporates the Links of Unity, the symbolism of the World Flag and World Badge, the four World Centres and the World Song. Include in your presentation ways to encourage members to include world Guiding activities in the program, and a list of resources and their availability.

You may like to do any or all of the activities below in preparing your presentation:

  • Discuss activities for several age groups that will introduce girls and adults to these aspects of WAGGGS.
  • Make up a game or series of inter-related games to cover the salient points.
  • Discuss appropriate timing for such activities in the program, apart from Thinking Day.

Other suggestions:

  • games
  • research-based activities from books/maps
  • travel itinerary
  • wide games
  • Guides’ Owns
  • dress up
  • plays/skits

Reference materials:

  • Trefoil Round the World
  • The Four World Centres
  • World Flag game
  • World Badge game
  • Map and flags
  • Words of the World Song

The Patrol presentation given on this module at the Conference is here.




Safety for outdoor Guiding activities


Access and explain safety requirements for Guiding activities


Describe the safety requirements for outdoor camping or an expedition and an adventurous activity according to Guidelines


Explain these safety requirements to other adult members of your Unit or group


Explain to the other adult members their legal responsibility for maintaining a safe environment


Explain to the other adult members the implications of an unsafe environment


Prepare a presentation to cover the clauses in Module M7 above, according to the following guidelines.

1. Choose an activity to work on from the following list (or one from each column)

Outdoor Camping/Expedition

Adventurous Activity *

Patrol camp in bell tents at Tara

Abseiling in the Blue Mountains

Unit camp in dome tents at Glengarry

Flying Fox over Lake Heron at Tara

Lightweight camp at Little Hartley

Horse riding camp at Jackeroo Ranch

Camel Safari in the Simpson’s Desert

White water rafting in New Zealand

Horse trek at Jindabyne

Archery at a Robin Hood camp

[* Please note: the adventurous activities listed here were classified as adventurous at the time of this conference (2003). Check the most up-to-date copy of Guide Lines for the current list.]

2. Include the following questions in your presentation:

  • What Guiding forms need to be completed for this activity?
  • To whom do the forms go?
  • Who needs to complete the forms?
  • Who needs to sign the forms?
  • How soon before the activity do the forms need to be in to the appropriate person?
  • What procedures and paperwork need to be in place before the activity takes place?
  • What qualifications need to be held by the person in charge of the activity? How will you ensure that these qualifications are actually held?

Present your findings in one of the following ways:

  • role play
  • lecture
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • game or simulation
Reference materials
  • Guide Lines
  • Camp Application and Notification forms
  • Adventurous Activities form



Organise local events


Plan a local event


Identify opportunities for Units to work together at a local level


Work as a member of an organising team in planning a local event


Ensure the involvement of participants in the planning of an event


Identify and record in writing potential risks and hazards in the activity and develop management strategies to lessen their impact


Facilitate the conduct of the event


Work as a member of an organising team in the conduct of the event


Ensure the involvement of participants in the conduct of the event


Evaluate the event


Participate as a member of an organising team in the evaluation of an event


Ensure that the views of participants in the event are included in the evaluation process


Prepare a report on the event and submit it to the relevant authority


Plan an event for girls of all ages that will introduce non-members to the game of Guiding. The purpose of this event is to increase the numbers of members, both youth and adults, by a factor of two (ie double numbers).

In your planning, address the following issues:

  • What level of Guiding will be involved: Unit, District, Region, State?
  • Will you be targeting a particular community group (eg sporting group, religious or ethnic community, school)?
  • Where will the event be held? What sorts of arrangements will need to be made if the weather is bad or the hall burns down before the event?
  • What sort of activities will be offered?
  • How will the event be structured?
  • What equipment will be needed?
  • What problems are likely to be encountered? How will you manage them?
  • How will you publicise the event?
  • What sort of costs will be involved?
  • How will you ensure the participation of Guides and Leaders?
  • How will you and the participants evaluate the event?
  • How will you present the final report on the event? Who would be the relevant authority in this instance?

Present your plan to the larger group as a Proposal to the Region Meeting for approval OR as a PR presentation to get non-members to attend. Use whatever methods you wish to get the plan approved.

The Patrol presentation given on this module at the Conference is here.



Develop skills in outdoor and environmental activities


Organise an outdoor bushcraft or adventurous activity day for members


In conjunction with the group, develop a program for the activities


Lead a team of adult members in the preparation and implementation of the program


Ensure appropriate attention is given to safety factors in planning and implementing the program


Ensure that the activities incorporate an appropriate level of challenge and achievement for the group


Ensure that attention is paid to care of the natural surroundings and environment during the activities


Ensure that appropriate equipment is available, checked and maintained


If the activity incorporates pioneering or similar activities demonstrate the following:

  • show how to use and care for all tools, ropes and other equipment to be used;
  • knowledge of breaking strain for ropes, strength of spars and the use of green versus dry wood when selecting suitable ropes and materials for each activity


Facilitate evaluations of the activity day by the group and the leadership team


Prepare a report of the day incorporating a summary of the planning and implementation and the evaluations


Congratulations! Your group has volunteered to organise an Outdoor Day for the Region. The day must include activities that are suitable for all age groups, including adults. Plan your program, and present it as a formal proposal to the Region meeting for approval.

During your preparations, include discussions/decisions on the following:

  • theme or purpose
  • location
  • time of year
  • proposed starting and finishing times
  • safety
  • publicity (great PR opportunity!) before and after the event
  • care of the natural surroundings
  • paperwork required
  • costs
  • activity leaders required, their roles and qualifications (nominate some people!)
  • equipment — supplies, care, use
  • evaluation method, and how you will create your final report (eg video, bound report, audio, photos, website, media release)
  • specific skills or bases to be explored




Develop Skills in Leading Campfires


Compile a collection of songs and other items suitable for campfires


Develop an indexing system for a campfire item collection


Explain the copyright laws as they apply to copying and performing material


Include in the indexing system reference to songs published in other resources


Collect songs, action songs and games, yells, yarns, chants, opening and closing ceremonies, and other Guide campfire traditions


Record these in the indexing system in a format that can be used both as a general resource and during a campfire


Record campfires attended and/or led and include items of interest


Conduct a campfire


Know the regulations pertaining to the lighting of fires


Build a fire suitable for a campfire activity of at least 45 minutes' duration


Plan a program for a campfire, preferably in consultation with the intended group


Prepare the resources and equipment needed for the items


Conduct the campfire


Prepare a report on the campfire to include evaluations by the group


Ensure that environmental considerations are included in the choice of location, design of the campfire and the clearing of the site after the activity


Prepare a plan of attack for this module, and present your plan to the larger group. Include in the presentation the teaching of a new campfire activity.

Note that this module requires the campfire to be conducted for a fairly large group of members from more than one Unit, and should be held outdoors if weather permits.


  • the logistics of a campfire: woodpile, wood, use of firelighters, location, preparation of the site, safety issues, invitations, use/non-use of songbooks
  • plan a program that will last 45–60 minutes (hint: approximately 25 items will fill an hour)
  • how to plan a campfire program
  • types of items that can be used — a variety to be included in the program
  • methods of conducting
  • methods of teaching a new song or campfire activity
  • methods of compiling a campfire resource file
  • methods of indexing the collection
  • places to find new items for the resource file
  • uses of ceremonies — opening, closing, the ashes, presentations
  • etiquette of campfires (eg use of torches, paying attention)
  • methods of keeping control
  • does the campfire leader have to lead the entire program?

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Conduct leadership skill training with youth members


Identify leadership training needs


Consult youth members and their Leaders regarding their needs for leadership training


Facilitate discussion and assist the group to reach consensus on needs and requests


Identify agreed training needs of youth members


Plan training opportunities for youth members focusing on leadership skills development


Prepare a training program based on the identified needs and requests


Involve youth members in the organisation of logistics of the training program


Communicate information about the training program and its purpose to the participants and other personnel


Work with other adults in the planning of the leadership training program


Maintain and use a resource file


Select a variety of resources and methods to enhance the training program


Conduct training for youth members focusing on leadership skill development


Conduct training sessions that address the purpose of the training course


Work as a member of a team in the delivery of leadership training


Evaluate the leadership skill training


Assist youth members to evaluate the training program in which they have taken part


Evaluate the training program from her own viewpoint


Use the evaluations when making future plans


Prepare and submit reports on the training program to appropriate authorities


Congratulations! You have been especially chosen to be part of the committee for a Leadership Training event for Youth in the Region suitable for the Junior BP Award, the BP Award and/or the Queen’s Guide Award. Your task is to identify the training needs, and plan the event to address those needs, then present your plan to the larger group as a Proposal to the Region meeting for approval.

You will need to discuss and plan the following issues:

  • the age group (younger girls, middle girls, older girls, combined group?)
  • what skills will the girls need most?
  • identify specific learning outcomes
  • plan a variety of activities and methods of delivery to achieve the learning outcomes
  • location, duration and season of the event
  • costs
  • adult trainers required
  • catering
  • paperwork
  • equipment